Your Online Marketing Resource Center allows you to centralize and automate your creative, fulfillment and distribution using an integrated web-based online marketing portal. The Online Marketing Resource Center allows control and provides you with the tools to grow your business and build your brand.

  • Centralize your corporate marketing assets to one online platform for employees and partners.
  • Control access to assets, editing, rights, approval, processes and budget resources using special permissions.
  • Reduce the cost and time associated with the production of marketing with marketing streamlining workflows.
  • Empower users to order and customize branded marketing materials and promotional products.
  • Facilitate multiple ways to order, download, and distribute assets to individuals or corporate vendors.

How it Works

Online Marketing Resource Center: Powered by Millennium Marketing Solutions

With a few clicks of a mouse, authorized users including your sales team, field marketers, franchisees, agents and partners can access printed materials, digital assets, promotional products, branded templates and more.

Items are ordered, produced, approved and shipped to the user's direct location. Additionally, users have the ability to download files and personalize items in their toolbox. Your adminstrator can customize permissions and approval processes.

Your Marketing Resource Center streamlines and improves marketing operations, reduces costs and maximizes marketing effectiveness. Your online portal will make it easy to monitor spending and review purchase history. This helps you to maximize budgets and minimize waste.


  • Control the Brand -

    Enable users to customize content and imagery with marketing materials to the specifications that maintain the company’s brand guidelines.
  • Launch Intelligent Marketing Templates -

    Intelligent marketing templates and collateral can be versioned and mass produced for a local market, or tailored to an individual for the ultimate customer
  • Automate Marketing Processes -

    Automate creative, marketing, and fulfillment processes through a unified platform to optimize operations efficiency, eliminating processes such as collateral versioning requests, pricing estimates, and lengthy approval cycles.
  • Centralize Marketing Materials -

    Centralize materials and assets with a united marketing resource center built specifically for your organization. Authorized personnel such as sales reps, field marketers, agents, brokers, franchisees, or partners can have unique permissions and roles to provide a completely customized experience.
  • Enable Personalization -

    Improve customer engagement with personalized marketing campaigns that use rules to deliver unique content to each recipient.
  • Reduce Costs -

    Significantly reduces costs by automating marketing processes, streamlining marketing workflows, and reducing obsolete collateral. Create integrated workflows, along with the ability to generate customized marketing pieces on demand.
  • Control Spending Budgets -

    Designate monthly or quarterly budgets for users to spend on any marketing materials they need in a given timeframe.
  • Decrease Time to Market -

    Reduce the time to request and produce marketing materials by automating workflows and processes that deal with content, imagery, and production of marketing collateral.
  • Connect Systems, Consolidate Ordering -

    Manage and consolidate the ordering and distribution processes of marketing materials by connecting to internal ERP, CRM and marketing automation systems, corporate fulfillment vendors, and virtually all external 3rd party applications for completely integrated workflows.